Garage Door Repair New Westminster

Garage Door Maintenance

Whether it’s been a while since you last had the garage door maintained or not, contact us. We are the team to trust with garage door maintenance in New Westminster, British Columbia. Our company is ready to send a tech to local houses when customers request maintenance service. On top of that, we offer maintenance programs if you want to sign up for a regular plan.

Whatever you decide to do, Garage Door Repair New Westminster BC is at your service. More importantly, the techs assigned to troubleshoot and service garage doors are experienced with all types, brands, and styles. They are experienced with all openers, keypads, remotes, springs, and weather seals. And they keep getting updated with all things new. All these things ensure that all phases of the service – from garage door troubleshooting to adjustments and lubrication – are carried out to a T. Isn’t that the whole purpose of booking maintenance, anyway?

Garage Door Maintenance New Westminster

Leave New Westminster garage door maintenance to us

Contact our team to book garage door maintenance. New Westminster pros are sent out when it’s convenient for you. This is a preventive service; there’s no need to rush. All the same, we understand that your schedule is tight and so, we do our best to organize all services around the customer’s schedules. The important thing is that the techs come out well-equipped to thoroughly inspect and maintain garage doors, regardless of their material, type, size, and features. They have expertise with them all and the training to properly inspect and service them.

From inspecting to lubricating, all maintenance phases are properly carried out

There are quite a few steps involved in the garage door maintenance service. And all these steps are taken with absolute thoroughness. To put it in a few words, the pros inspect all the garage door parts – from the tracks and the cables to the opener and the springs. They remove dirt and lubes, tighten hardware, lubricate, make adjustments, and fix minor issues. They test the garage door balance, the force, the travel limits, and all relevant things.

The whole point of maintenance is to fix, lube, correct, and adjust as required to make sure the garage door runs safely, smoothly, and properly. Even a teeny-weeny garage door adjustment matters. And so, all tasks involved in maintenance are carried out in a meticulous way. Since that’s the meaning of booking garage door maintenance, New Westminster residents shouldn’t take chances but contact us. Should we talk about the maintenance of your garage door?